2011-12-11 19:28:50 (UTC)

Confused ..&&other randomness

Maybe McKenzie is officially out of my life for good . But, im still really confused . I dont know what to do about Aidan . When i go to someone for help they say 'do whatever makes you happy .' im like, i came to you for advice, so give me it . I want to go back but this woiuld be the 4th time i dated him . The first time was last year . He broke up with me . Then this year, because McKenzie told him to . The I broke up with him because he had it on his mind about breaking up with me because of MCKENZIE !!

I believe everyone deserves a second chance . Third chances ? Depends . Fourth chances is where i draw the line, but im not sure with Aidan . Maybe i was just mad ? Maybe McKenzie pissed me off so i blamed Aidan too ? I dont know .. I wish I could just figure this all out . I really need someone who will listen and give me the advice im looking for .

If any of you reading this have that advice, pleases give me feedback . I really need someones help and no one cared enough to give it to me . Maybe this just shows I dont have true friends .

Ugh ! Anyways, Christmas is soon and Jade and I were going to go to the mall with our boyfriends and do a gift exchange . Guess who cant do that ? ME ! Now, Jade is trying to find me another boyfriend ..I already got Aidans gift and he said he was still gunna give me mine as a friend so i might as well give him his .. ?

Wow, what am i doing with my life ? Ive gotten to the point where i have to vwrite on an online diary ? PATHETIC ! But i guess its the only thing that can truly help me get out my thoughts when i feel like i cant just talk to anyone else . At least i can get people i dont know to listen ..

Well, i really dont have much more to say except bye.. love you (:

And, im being serious ..if any of you can help me, please do so . Its greatly appreciated ..! (: