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2011-12-11 00:44:21 (UTC)

She Always Gets What She Wants

So, yesterday ..Aidan and I broke up . Guess who i can thank for that ? You guessed it .. MCKENZIE !! Aidan had told me how McKenzie said he should dump me so I text McKenzie and she said Aidan brought it up . So, i text both of them and said i want the truth and i want it now and i got it . And the only reason i decided to call it off was McKenzie already broke us up once &&she has been trying to control our relationship ever since and i cant deal with that ..its really hard on both of us and i dont know what to do .

Hes trying to get me back and i keep saying ill think about it .

so anyways, mckenzie was all like you know all i do is try to be nice and be your friend
and you hate me so when you want to be my friend for real let me know and i said i guess we arent friends and she said sounds good to me bye . I was like YES !! ..haha ..

Well, ig thats all i gotta say, besides mckenzie is out to get me ..well love ya'll ..bye (:

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