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2011-12-09 01:11:47 (UTC)

More McKenzie ...&&other randomness

Hey, so McKenzie really gets on my nerves . Like she will go up to my boyfriend and intentionally flirt with him in front of me . I know she does it on purpose because after she does she looks over at me with this little smirk on her face . She has a boyfriend !! && since her bf doesnt go to our school, he doesnt see the real her .

She flirts with EVERY guy she knows . You are porlly thinking 'oh, shes just over exaggerating ..' ha . no, i wish i was . but im not . LITERALLY every guy she knows . It makes me wanna tell Lennon (her bf) .

So then, she thinks its cool to talk crap about me to my boyfriend like he wont tell me . Like, really ? Be smart ! Like, she told him i was a b***h and that i was mean and annoying . Which im really not . &&at least im not fake and two-faced like her . I know that seems mean but honestly its the truth . Im not the only one who sees it, people tell me that all the time .

But anyways, enough about my rant .. soo how i said we had a ceremony for my teacher.. it made NATIONAL NEWS ! ..i was sooo happy ! (: it was amazing .

So, does anybody watch Queen Bees ? I loove Camille and Gisbelle ! Especially Camille ! I dont really like Shavon or Kiana that much . &&Michelle is too full of herself . And Stassi, shes pretty cool . I cant believe they kicked Brittani off ! I didnt really like her anyways .. haha (:

well enuff of this annoying stuff no one cares about (: imma go .. love ya'll ..even though no one prolly reads this ..oh well ! haha .. byee !

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