A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2011-12-07 23:35:32 (UTC)

Cheese Cake

Ok I brought some cheese cake today (not all that good) and I really dont want to eat it. Maybe I will just take my time and eat it or just give it away. I promised myself I was going to eat better so I should not be eating it anyways but I was kinda forced to buy it.

Had a pretty good time at work today. I took a ladder for my work partner and put it in my apartment. He droped me home later and picked it up. I guess we are bonding very well these days now. Not sure it will last but I should enjoy it as much as possible for now.

I followed up with my 401k account today. I called Vanguard and posponed my first contribution until next year. Tomorrow I will still have to contact my other broker about my rollover.

Ok thats it

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