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2011-12-08 02:40:01 (UTC)

Right Down to It

Okay, soo ..im Emily and this diary is for me to get out all of my anger towards people whe i feel like i could just go off .

So to begin, today my school had a huge ceremony for a very special teacher that my class put together . So as we were all getting a group picture and me and my friend Jade were standing by the teacher . So this girl McKenzie (which you will learn more about since she is the source of my problems) comes up and shoves us out of the way and stands next to her . Then, the teacher was like will someone hold the certificate and someone had it and McKenzie grabbed it out of her hand . It made me want to grab it out of her hand and shove her to the side . So then she turned around and saw Jade and I were behind her and held the certificate so the camera couldnt see our faces . Im like, its not McKenzie day . We dont worship you, get over yourself .

Soo, yeah .. i was a little PO'ed .
So thats it for today, bye (: