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2011-12-07 11:41:54 (UTC)

@ Home

I am home for the whole of December. Enforced break from work. I decided to go and see my doctor because of the on-going discomfort I feel in my chest area. I did a test and was referred to the hospital for more stress tests and my heart rate was fine but under duress my BP was too high so I am going back to my doctor and he will give me a BP monitor to take home to use. Apart from that I am making certain changes to my lifestyle. I am cutting out adding salt to my food, eating more healthy foods (veggies, fruits etc.) and doing more exercises. I am taking up running (I hope my wife doesn't think it is because of her I am doing this as she runs already). I do play football regularly and have a spin class I go to. I am also taking this time off to learn how to swim and improve my golf! I also need to spend time on my business which I have not had a lot of time in the past because of work commitment. I plan to get my Original Trading Application out by end of December. I also need to ensure the automated Sport Book Trading Application that is developed is close to completion before I head back to work in January. I also have a terminal Trading Application I am testing. I plan to complete this test and ship the Terminal to the retail outlet where we plan to operate it. I also have to get into the grove of improving my skills to get better jobs (my bread and butter). I am a self-employed contractor and this market is really bad with the economy so i need to ensure I am up there with the relevant skills. It is going to be a busy time for me. Not to mention that I have a handy man in my house doing some alteration and renovations to my house so I have to buy materials etc. I hope to be in the grove of thing by the end of the year so I start the New Year like an oiled machine! My health, discipline, career, study, business etc., all iron out in December so I just step into 2012 all guns blazing.

My wife? She is going to be at home from the 16th of December, not really looking forward to that. I really don't know where I am with her. One thing I do know is that i am not enjoying my marriage at the minute. I hope it gets better but I will not torture myself over this. I will try and control things that are in my hands and move them upwards to higher planes but anything pout of my hands I can't kill myself. One constant course of joy in my life is my children....love them to bits.