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2011-12-05 07:35:29 (UTC)

The beginning

There are 11 days until I arrive in Kentucky,
If there is one thing we can control, its our actions.
For the next 11 days i will test my control and cleanse.
Fitness, Food, School

Running everyday 15 minutes
Biking everyday 5 mins

Eat healthy -- no chicken tenders. As childish as i am, i still understand that it is not healthy for someone to eat strictly chicken tenders, no matter how good they are.
salads, fruits, WATERWATERWATER

Get ahead, instead of going to spend money or do something that i dont really want to, do school work. By getting the study guide done on tuesday, there will be one less thing to worry about before thursday.

I can do this. I CAN DO THIS!
And i think writing about it every day will actually make it easier for me to follow through on.

In other things. My Sisters boyfriend is so rude sometimes and i want nothing more than to yell and ask him to leave, but im sure she would tear me a new one.

11 days. so soon.

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