My stoopid diary.
2011-12-05 08:53:04 (UTC)

Apologies and relationship shit....(Entry #3)

Sorry I haven't been back lately. I've been kinda busy. A lot of stupid shit has been happening lately.
1.I broke up with my GF
2.School has been shitty...
3.My sleeping schedule has been like... dcfvahbsnhmjyrrkouyirgsnvj lately...
4.Just been unmotivated and really depressed. I feel useless.

Anyway, starting on the journal entry.

I feel like I'm gonna be alone forever, I just want someone to be with me, care about me and love me for who I am... I know I'm not the best looking girl. I may not be popular or smart, but I have a fucking personality! At least I have an opinion on shit... And no one even cares either. I wish people would stop focusing so much on what you look like and if other people like you and think about personality?! SERIOUSLY... I may not have the biggest boobs, I may not be supermodel skinny. BUT WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK =.= Only douches and bitches in my opinion... Whatever, it's the way the world works in this glorious world /:

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