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2011-12-04 20:31:06 (UTC)

Kids gone

It's been almost a week since the Ex took the kids stuff from my house. Most of their toys, furniture, clothes, etc all gone. She had keys to my place and I thought that craziness was gone but no, she still hasn't changed at all.

I come home one day and the shit is gone. The house is a mess. No discussion about her taking the kids. No indication saying I won't see the kids anymore. Looks like she has reunited with her man. Well, good for her.

I feel bad for the kids. I've been thru this so many times that I don't even get phased much by her actions. She is a fucking bitch though. No concerns whatsoever about the kids well being.

Kids are too young to experience this kind of drama. They need some stability in life and should be looking up to the parents for guidance. But hell no! Not for her! She is number one and that is all that counts.

I just shake my head in disbelief at how people are. What makes it worse is that those kids aren't even my biological kids. Now blood is suppose to be thicker than water so how the hell am I more aware of reality for her kids than her? People are so fucking crazy!

Now she is asking for permission to come back and take the rest of whatever stuff she wants. Now why the fuck would she now feel she has to ask for permission? Just do as you normally would do you dumb bitch.

So now, she says she will come tomorrow to get the stuff. She said she would clean up too. I told her not to bother and just get whatever she feels is hers. Her reply was " I'm not there to steal anything. Don't worry, it's only my things that I am taking." Yeah right, I had stuff from way back before we were married that she took. When she previously ransacked the house,( yes, she's done this before) she took stuff that bought before I was married and she even took back the Christmas and birthday presents she gave to me. How ghetto is that? I have to laugh. She is so adamant about saying she isn't going to steal anything that is mine but yet she does.

Is it really possible to be able to fool yourself enough to really believe it? That is just fucked up funny crazy.

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