A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2011-12-02 05:06:41 (UTC)

Missed A Couple Of Days

Missed a couple of days so I need to get up to speed with my entries. Yestoday I got my phone back. Had to go to manhatten to meet the dude who found it and I gave him $20.00. I am just happy that I dont have to retrieve all those numbers again. I have to find a way to secure my phone because this is the third or fouth time I have lost it.

I received my ipod hi-fi system a couple of days ago and over the weekend I will open it up and see how it plays. I also missed a workout yestoday but made it up this morning before work.

Anyway, I kindda fell of track out the last couple days but I should back all with it now. Later today, I will be apply for a new job position in the ES Department. Hope all goes well with that because recently I have been havin' some problems with my computor going to a blue screen and causing me to re-start. Ok that should be enough for now. I will make my second entry for today later.

KGS (14630)