This is my life....
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2011-11-29 20:52:46 (UTC)

My bipolar life

Today i feel like i am turning a corner, for the last three or four weeks i have felt so depressed it would have been very easy for me to take a bunch of pills and just off myself, the voices have been horrendous the touching the visuals... I never thought i would come out from this as well as i seem to be,
Pdoc and my Therapist who i went to see last Wednesday said it would be beneficial for me to go inpatient but i didn't want to go in because the oldest children had enough to cope with as their father in law died and i just didn't want them worrying and of course there is the hubster i definitely didn't want him to worry yet again,
I feel like i am walking through finer sand now so that's good isn't it? well isn't it? I just worry how i am going to be in the next few weeks:/