Komkommers rol in die tandepasta.
2011-11-27 05:41:25 (UTC)

SUMMER and its effects.

Today I had work. I work at a resturant and cook some of the food, as well as make salads. We had a lot of people today. 111 to be exact. I am so tired. I titled this entry the way it is because it has a lot of effects on me. I have the pressure on me that I have to have a nice body for summer. And I am no where near close. It's kind of depressing. I am to lazy to get up and run. I used to run every night. I did that for a few months. I use to have a really great diet. Now it's all gone. Thanks to stuuuupid winter! :( I told my Dad he had to buy me a bikini only if I approved of myself having a nice body. So I am not getting one. Enough of my soulking. How was your day?
-Kiwi Girl xoxo

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