A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2011-11-26 23:36:17 (UTC)

Went To A Club

Went out with Reggie to a club in Manhatten. We did not go inside but stood out side because we got there late. All I kept thinking to myself is "Why am I here?". I really hate going to clubs and being around people like that. Although I like looking at the women, (and there was some really sexy, big butt women there ), I really do not belong there because I am just too uncomfortable in large crowds. This will be the last club I go to for awhile. I would do myself better if I spend the time trying to improve myself.

Apart from that I was able to again complete all of my 5Goal and get everything done dispite going out. Tommorrow I will spend the begining of the day getting my hair done. Not looking forward to it!!!

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