Davids Diary
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2011-11-26 21:40:20 (UTC)


I so hate the Holidays found some sub but there not even close to where I live and they are owned. Most of the sluts I seem to attracted are ether bbw or owned. None are slim young drop dead models or cheerleaders type girls. I said it once I say it again no one wants a 41 yr old sadist bum with no good job and who cant take care of them. Hell wested money on a date site and so far have gotten ether drop dead ugly/to old or even and mostly not even in my state. Hits. Those that I like have not returned my emails so that even tells me they where not wanting to meet.
I truly know I be alone for the rest of my life ether fucking a blow up doll or jacking off.
No one wants a 41 yr old nobody. Funny if I was rich the dam sluts would be falling over them selfs to be with me. O will I guess I play with what sluts I can even though I don't own any love how they lie to me even on line.