Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2011-11-16 04:55:07 (UTC)

Jogging towards antipathy

So I managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat, staving off the broomsticks of cliche banging away at my door. However, I am in serious need of finding a job soonish, rather than laterish. Fortunately armed with a bus pass I can do just that, wee! I have to say, that, otherwise, not much else is going on. I'm looking for a new place to live, but I may end up staying here another month, all depends really, on what the week to weekend holds. I'm hoping for good news, better than no news or bad news. wee. I need to get out, I am going to chill out tomorrow, that'll be fun. Geek night. Yay. Not. Maybe. I need a concert or two, that'd be nice.

Still no luck on the job hunt, nor any luck with finding a paramour either. I was talking with a nice girl, but, she vanished, like so many before. A kiss in the night would be nice, if only just that.

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