A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
2011-11-24 23:04:13 (UTC)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Spend all of the day (Thanksgiving) by myself and was able to get alot of things done. I called my brother but not my sister because she is the one who owes me a call for hanging up on me on my birthday. Although I forgive her, she is the one that as to make the next move because I even went as far as to call a day after my birthday but she never got back to me.

Anyway enough about her. Like I said I was able to get alot a things done. I will be applying for the management position (tree trimmer) soon so it was good to be able to sort out the papers I have. I brought a french hen and had it along with some salard for my dinner.

Not a bad day. No stress, no fuss, just me by myself and that is the way I like it!!

KGS (14622)

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