A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2011-11-22 20:57:24 (UTC)

Review Of Week # 1 (Finally)

Seem like this first week in my "new and improved life" when fairly well. Looks like I am able to complete most of my 5Goals A Day Plan. Working out is going slowly but definitely.

Still need to get a little more serious when it goes to be discipline. I am going to ban TV(except for weather) untill the end of the month and also focus on drinking water. I must after Thanksgiving get really serious!!

On a score of 1-10 I give myself a 6 for week #1. I will need to improve in order to reach my top 10 goals.

KGS (14620)

Ps: last entry I entered incorrect Days alive at 14620 instead of 14619.

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