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2011-11-22 12:45:32 (UTC)

My Dinner Order……

My Dinner Order……

We are meant to be meeting up for dinner for some meat feast. Looking forward to it but I would rather feat on you. If I was having you for dinner it will be these……

Get you to wear a very raunchy negligee (see through). Don’t care too much about the colour as I am so hungry. I am not allowed to touch you as you continuously tease me in the outfit. Rubbing your bum against me with just enough pressure to make me grow to an uncomfortable size! You bend in front of me until my lips grace your right nipples with the slightest touch but enough for me to know the material was made of silk. It was quite soft….Now I am hungry

Well I ordered your juice….I also have the task of producing it…..brilliant….just brilliant….better than any soup in any 5 star Michelin restaurant. I lay you on the bed with your legs on my shoulder….(be gentle with the left one…dear) I use my tongue gently to seek out your milk then ferociously, I had this course….didn’t expect it but I had double portion….I wondered if I was going to get too full……..

For this I drape you in a white t-shirt and nothing else. With you lying on your stomach and you bun trusted up for me. I place all my veggies in the right places. I really wonder what your bum will taste like as I nibble cauliflower off it.

Main Meal
Yes you guessed right. I went for the jugular. Full throttle no holding back. From behind and against the wall.

Breast and more breast…..lazily sucking and licking away.

Are you a great kisser…..If so…then this will be my last course.