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2011-11-22 12:40:09 (UTC)


I want to “Rock With You”, “I Can’t Help It”, “It’s the Falling In Love” thing that make me dream. Is she a “Girlfriend”?. You may think I am “Off the Wall” to dream such, but I am “Working Day And Night” to ensure this becomes a reality. It is doing my head in, these continuous flashing lights in my head. I will “Get On the Floor” and “Burn This Disco Out”. They say “ Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough” but then when I stop that is it “She's Out Of My Life” so I would not stop…….


“Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'”? Seriously do you? I want to stand on the roof top and say “The Girl Is Mine” but before I do that I must I must win your soul….” Baby Be Mine”. My adventure with you is such a “Thriller” that although it may be Wimbledon but I will rather be with you that play tennis with “Billie Jean” King.
Is she “The Lady in my Life” you have to ask her. I will protect her from them. Who, you may ask? They lurk around like “Someone in the dark” I will fend them off and will fight them until they “Beat it”.

It is “Human Nature” to desire a “P.Y.T” but I will rather go on a “Carousel” with my dear.

Now, I am going to be “Bad”. It is “The Way You Make Me Feel”. You are my “Dirty Diana” and I will be your “Smooth Criminal”.

Are we “Just Good Friends” because “I Just Can't Stop Loving You”. I can’t believe this is me, sometimes I really don’t recognise the “Man In The Mirror” it is like “Another Part Of Me”, so loved up.

Like a “Speed Demon” I race through life hussling and bussling to make a dollar for my “Liberian Girl”. Sometimes it is impossible because I feel you are saying “Leave Me Alone”.

It doesn’t matter if you are “Black Or White” I just want to “Jam” with you.
I can’t fight it I said….“She Drives Me Wild”, so wild that my thoughts are becoming “Dangerous”.

I “Can't Let Her Get Away”,I told myself, do you “Remember The Time” she left me? My life was “In The Closet”. …such a terrible time.

I will “Keep The Faith” and hope you “Will You Be There” in my hour of need. I hope you will not be “Gone Too Soon” because I still need you in my life.

I will continue to knock on the door until you “Give In To Me” ….knock knock knock…” Who Is It”? There I will be waiting and ready for you.

It is just little me though, it is not as if I can “Heal The World” so “Why You Wanna Trip On Me”……

“Little Susie” please “Smile” its going to be okay. You may feel like a “Stranger In Moscow” but “You Are Not Alone” I am now with you.

We are in it together. I know “They Don't Care About Us” but “This Time Around” I will not let “History” repeat itself. I will not let them make you “Scream” anymore. I know “Money” cannot bring back your “Childhood” but I will do my best. It is just “2 Bad” that our path did not cross earlier but now I will sing you an “Earth Song”.

This is real, I am no “Tabloid Junkie”…..