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2011-11-22 12:39:43 (UTC)

Short Story……

Short Story……
I took matters into my own hands and decided to pay her a visit. Frustratingly she never invites me to her house. My preparation was detailed. Hair cut, tash trim, I even shaved off my pubic hair just for her! A bit of balm here and there, a tiny bit of perfume (not too crazy about perfume) but anything to make her sweet. I adorned my Sunday best and off I went.

Decided not to call her, it is meant to be a surprise after all and approached the motor way full of confidence and with a lot of va va voom. Slotted in my Sade CD, it doesn’t matter that “sweetest taboo” now sounds like “eetest aboo” so old that CD.

Should I take the fastest route or the shortest route? There is also a dynamic mode.

Fastest Route: It is all about speed, doing things quickly. The distance may be longer but you cover ground quicker because in theory the routes are meant to be bigger, smoother and with less obstacles and hindrances like junctions, traffic lights etc.

Shortest Route: With this one you are closer to your target but you have to manoeuvre through inner city. Lots of people, cars, smaller roads etc. You must be prepared to start and stop. You are better off with an automatic car than a manual on this route.

How should I get there? Fastest or Shortest. They both have their advantages and disadvantages…..
What matters? Is it when I get there or how I get there? When I get there will she be there? Will she welcome me in? Will she take me in?