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2011-11-22 12:38:49 (UTC)

Personal Trainer 2

I ask again can I be your PT?

I will go the sport shop to purchase your lycra shorts and vest. This time I will visit you at home and not wait for you at the gym as this is a private session. When I get to your house I will be very tempted to devour you immediately as I will be very stiff from our last encounter in Germany.

Greeting me in Jeans and sleeveless white top (and wearing a bra…grrrr I hate that) we exchange pleasantries and I go to work. I remove the jeans but leave your white lacy panties on….I just love watching you bum in lacy panties….take you top and bra off. My resolve will be tested to the extreme as my 2 friends pop into view. I remind myself I am a PT so I carry on. I turn you around and get on my knees so your bum just slits in front of my eyes. I slowly raise your feet up and pull up the shorts until they start to cover your bum. With a bit of effort I get them up and they fit on you like a second skin. I pull you bum cheeks apart and tell you to touch your toes and surprisingly you could. Stretching your legs apart, you bum is now elevated right in front of my eyes! Reaching for my blade (naughty girl…..it is a real blade) I tear open your shots to reveal your hole through the panties. Fuck professional….I slowly put my fingers through the hole and slide it through the panties to check if you were getting ready for me. A slight moan comes out as I prod deeper. Pulling out my fingers and licking I could taste your juice. Going back to business I got up and we both got the vest on you. They revealed the ridges of your upper body as I have never seen before. I don’t know why you are not proud of the stomach put I knelt down and sucked as much of it as I could through the lycra. Your nipples were so hard. Squeezing your breast together I put them both in my mouth and sucked them. You jerked my head against them and begged me to suck harder…..I DID! I carried you up to stand on the pedestal so you were taller than I was and we started working. Hands, bum, shoulders, neck, stomach we worked it, pushing, swinging, stretching we did it. You copied all my motions and I was now getting tired as you started you action before I completed mine. Not to be left behind I increased the pace as sweat was dripping everywhere. Up down up down we moved our muscles, side ways around everywhere we continued even though we were now exhausted. Our bodies never touched but it was making me come. You moaned as you continued the exercise so I guess you were experiencing the same thing. Fuck me Folarin….please fuck me…hearing that, I jumped on the pedestal and you jumped on me wrapping your legs round me. I put my whole being through the torn lycra shorts and found my home all wet and waiting for me……Can I be your PT?