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2011-11-22 12:36:23 (UTC)



Very strange….very strange indeed…cannot explain it but it has surprised me. Why do I feel so motivated to write? Why does this Muse inspire me so much? Is it because she is Black? Nothing seem to deter me, I just write and want to write more…look at her now, she looks terrible as half her face is covered in spit that stinks of overcooked pasta soaked in olive oil but I adore her more…she may have gone away from me in search of the sun but nature is on my side again as she is back with me and it is raining so there is a good chance of her getting wet!

Strange again, very strange….when she is here, though out of sight I still feel her next to me and can smell her…I react to her…I really do react to her…so much so that I don’t dear stand up from my seat…but while away…she was really away…I reached out but could not touch her, even though I stretched on my toes she was just too far away….the air around me was so bland and stale that I couldn’t write…and I stood up at will….am I glad that she is back? The air has such a sweet smell, I am constantly licking my lips and I have sat at my desk all day today……

Another strange thing…. I underestimated how soft she would feel, how sweet she would smell and how hard I could get. It was just a song, “Mukulu”, is the name, but I constantly hear her…she sings to me at night and I write about her during the day. People write music but this sweet music makes me write….and you know what…..

Strange as it may seem, she is unravelling. Made up of different layers, I continue to peel them off, enjoying each layer. Each layer is different…very different…..it makes me cry…it is the onions I hear you say…it may be, but the centre of the onion is full of juice…I am in for a feast.

A stranger has invaded me, inspired me, loved me, cared for me, questioned me, seek me, hungered for my words, educated me, advised me and touched me... Can I?............Strange things do happen…….