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2011-11-22 12:35:48 (UTC)

Don’t cry for me Barcelona

Don’t cry for me Barcelona…..

I know you are taking her away from me… but it only for a few days. I can see the glee in your eyes…she is even taking her bikini with her….stop reminding me…I know that!...yes she was working hard in the gym to make herself fit for you…I know the jealousy is so obvious but what is wrong with that?

It is a tryst you say? You intend to woo her with your beautiful food and beaches….guess what…she is not very keen on your weather forecast I respond to the salvo…that will show you!...ah but you say… she said she is going to be too busy having fun with you in an earlier comment…..what did you say? You will splash on her you said? Shopping, Restaurants, Beaches, Bars, Clubs….she wouldn’t be able to resist all your charm….you plan to bring everything to the table….Saturday night? What about it? Grrrrrr……I didn’t hear that….shut it…..

Ok, you have had your rant, please don’t shed a tear for me, she may be away with you but her heart will be with me, when you make her bored she will pine for my poems, when your weather as predicted is grey she will nozzle close and think of “Lunch”, “Dreams”, “Colours”, “Personal Trainer” and seek my hot breath…she will breath deep in, holding her breath as she takes me in, when you make her laugh she will think of the good times we share, when you take her partying she will dance for me, when you dance close with her she will think of how close we have become, your food will taste so good but again this will remind her of only one thing, take her on your bus and I have done it bought the t-shirt, I can describe her soul to you I tour it everyday. You can’t win, the more you try the more she will miss me, you can’t change it, you are only a city, I am hers……you say your wooing will culminate on Saturday night….and you taunted me that I have not even made her wear any colour talk less of white and you will be removing them…you also say there is a high probability that she will be buying them all the different colours from and for you…you say since I don’t know, you will tell me what she taste like…you dig deeper….she only wants to take me to a play but she wants to play with you….I have to fight back….but my weapons her not as powerful….I start to stammer….and you just laugh….you then remind me she is bringing a full suitcase of clothes especially for you and she might just go to the gym to finish up her toning especially for Saturday….

I try to gather myself …am I going to lose her to that beautiful city….inside me I know it is a beautiful city….what can I offer her….can I compare…is it a losing battle….should Barcelona cry for me?