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2011-11-22 12:35:18 (UTC)

My colourful task

My colourful task….

As I hit the clouds my mind swiftly went back to land from which I departed…creatures all around looking up at me….I also look into the clouds but in search of something deeper…

Anyway….I had to press on…after all I had a task…but before then I catch some sleep….but cannot sleep, it is very turbulent but I am not scared….well not now anyway…what is the point…it is out of my hands….I am in the hands of my pilot.
With this I close my eyes and slowly drift away…….

I am there, in one piece just as it was intended, and I fervently pursue my task…the first one has to be yellow, bright and sharp yet frugal…..I dig deep to the depth of the sea bed hoping to find it there…it isn’t! Exhausted I go home but it is cold and dark so I light up a candle and sink into my dirty sofa…I see the dusts on the foam rise up under the candle flame….and in that instance I see it….I jump up and hold up the candle close to my wide eyes…and slowly observe the Yellow flame in all its beauty…I feel warmer….I know they will like it….it will light up their hearts and keep their souls warm……

The second task I think is easier, I am in the clouds, so I reach out and grab a Blue sky…as they hold it they look puzzled but inside the cloudy stuff there I am looking honourable...as the plane disappears into the clouds I never do…as I am always within sight…….

White is beautiful, clean and clear, my dreams are now White as I continue my search….I go back to the deep seas…where I pull up the rock….glorious and majestic as it rises above the sea, on this chalk I will lay my claim as it was destined….

I continue my search, crossing highlands in my path, I need to find Red that wraps all my energy…I travel following the sun to the hottest place of all, there I can see the land all covered in the hottest of sand, glowing stronger as I draw nigh….I take off my shoes and trod on them as the heat shoots to my head, hot, burning, painful and harsh yet I continue to walk…the sensation is too strong for me to stop…I gather as much as I can and sprinkle them from above…as they fall to earth I jump in pursuit…I am now covered in them glowing from above…this is me as I continue my journey closing in on them….

The last thing to find is within me….it cost nothing as it is Black…but will cost them everything to have it

I slowly open my eyes as I feel the force of a stronger turbulence…I am now stronger and look out of the window but can only see colours…….