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2011-11-22 12:33:42 (UTC)



The fire is unrelenting, burning day and night even if I chose to I cannot ignore it, the heat is so severe….I have replaced the wood with ice yet the water just drains away. It doesn’t burn me but I see it, feel it and speak to it… scattered on the high seas are the islands, when I get to the next one I want to rest but the lava gets too hot I have to leave to conquer the next one…this one has so many hills…I lose hope…but the fire just burns….at the valley it will burn all the bushes around me and the smoke may choke me, I have no choice but to walk up the next hill …and the next and the next….a victor, I stand straight and tall as I push past my comrade to the next battle….this island is a thick forest and it is dark but with it beside me I can see, its red flame illuminating the dark clouds and burning a path for me…I march forward purposely following my friend….I see so many trees with different types of fruit, I am so hungry but the fire is moving faster…I start to run so that I can see….but I see more fruits…I slow down stretching my hand to grab a fruit while I run but cannot reach them…I have to stop to reach the fruit…I stop but my foe doesn’t, I can barely see now but I can feel the fruit, I can make out the different types and shapes…although it is dark I am in paradise…. a paradise of fruits…..I gather the fruits and ready to feast…a fruit drops down and I fell for it and grab it but my hand is full of wood slowly combusting away…I am hungry and have no strength, but I fan the wood and there it was again, this time like an angry beast, it burns all the trees…I fight it with sand and water but is shows it strength burning everything apart from me….I concede and prepare for the next island