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2011-11-22 12:27:28 (UTC)



My soul is a battleground and I have the best seat in the house…..
Two heavyweights punching the lights out of each other….it is not pretty but brutal not for the fainthearted…..

As I watch, blood spits out from the fighters on to the brow of my eye, I don’t wipe it off as it drips across my face….these are red tears…….this fight is sapping my energy as one fighter drops to his knees his eyes glazed and blank he can’t get up, can he?….I think the fight is over but it is not!....he gets up with new vigour and starts punching again….frustratingly I sit back again as the new battle commences…throwing punches in sync with one fighter I shout out in encouragement giving him new hope but the other fighter responds with his own punches and I hear myself shouting out again, but this time encouraging the other fighter…..what am I doing?…Now I am punching for the other fighter, left right left right combinations….I get up and shadow punch ferociously sweating and panting, at this rate he would win I heard myself say, still punching….I look up and they are at it like animals I can only see blood and can hear the crowd roaring for more…..the 2 gladiators unrelenting continue to fight…..I fall back on my chair exhausted and calling for the fighting to stop….no one can hear me and this time it is real tears colourless as usual flowing like the red sea but not parting so I am trapped in this battle……can I make this sea of tears part so I can walk away or would I have to chose to fight….which fighter would I chose….do I have the strength? Strength to do what? Part the sea or chose a fighter and fight…..I am in a conflict