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2011-11-22 12:22:16 (UTC)



I try to turn your head to see my shinning armour polished and cleaned with all the strength I have….yet all you see is the sword I carry across my shoulder…although never been used it is battle hardened and made of strong metal…you feel the pointed end but withdraw quickly before it cuts your finger…too scared to spill a drop of blood….there is more to my armour than the sword I bear….the shield on my weaker arm is close to my heart, it makes me very brave in times of battle, constantly protecting me and others close to me….then there is the plate protecting my chest it bears no ill but always there to shield….although very heavy I carry with pride…if you look closely you will see the whites in your eyes glittering on my chest……

Though I dress for battle I only seek peace but ready to fight for the attention I seek……even though the sun is shinning and I glitter in it… you look towards the west where the sun will set….there we find a full moon but my armour no longer glitters…I cast them aside to reveal the hidden me which always glitters east or west…