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2011-11-22 12:17:45 (UTC)


I dreamt of you last night…the evidence is in my soiled shorts. Embarrassed I get up and rush to wash the shorts, washing every thread of cloth hoping to wash away the memory. I rinse and dry the shorts and inevitably recount the encounter…..

It wasn’t over lunch neither was it in the gym. It is vivid and crystal clear it was in the shopping mall. Yes, you took me along to buy your summer outfits while I nag about my cheap meaningful present…stubbornly you don’t succumb….saying I have to wait for it and you walk ahead of me. I am disappointed but my disappointment turn to pure lust as I watch you stride away…the cheeks of your bun held tightly together by cut of your jeans….I can see the exact shape of your bum as I try to match your pace a couple of strides behind you….I was good in geometry but I am struggling to define the shape of this object that is the source of my excitement, I watch every detail as the two parts move precisely but opposite…eureka!! I know exactly what needs to be done….I race up to you and drag you to the shop on the upper floor by the end of the corridor. It is a long walk but I pull you along and we were there in no time……

When we enter the shop you look at me inquisitively but the shape of your mouth betrays you as a sly smile can be seen by the corner of your mouth….. I rush straight to the line of lacy panties knowing exactly what I was looking for. I have to see that bum in these….as I chose five different types…yellow, white, black, pink and sky blue…..lets try the yellow one first I said excitingly….we move to a remote changing room by the end of the shop. You wriggle out of the jeans and they pop out partially covered by white again……I knell before you and pull down the white item and without any control nestle my nose on you, my nostril is filled with pubic hair, I struggle to describe the scent, it was pungent and sharp and could be bottled and sold as an aphrodisiac. I reluctantly tear myself way from there but not before a cheeky stroke of the tongue to taste…..it hit the upper roof of my mouth as it mixed with my saliva before I take a deep breath and swallow…wow, I could still taste the tomato…I looked up at you and you knew….I must continue I said to myself as I offer the yellow item made of silky lace in front and just the briefest of string at the back…..you oblige and raise your legs as I put it on for you slowing moving it up what seems an eternity of flesh. We finally arrive there, they fitted perfectly and you turn around showing that object again, now I can see all the contours and with my tongue I visit every inch of it. You crouch over to offer me more flesh and I don’t disappoint you…I say so from the quiet sound of approval I hear. I part the cheeks pulling them apart as the yellow string falls in between, I dive in with my tongue this time using my teeth as well pulling at the string…..turning you around all I now see is yellow, not satisfied, in 2 movements, yellow becomes sky blue, the holes of this one are bigger and smoother so pull at the hair with my mouth through a blue hole sucking as much hair as I can…..I become a raving beast as blue becomes white…I lift you up by your legs and slowly land you on my mouth the exact spot hitting my lips. The white lace moves across to the side as I tunnel through, the tomato taste long gone and replaced by raw juice I suck with abandon…….two to go….I grab the red one and you hastily put it on without my help. I push you against the wall your legs resting on my shoulders and I suck and suck, juice, hair everything I sucked….I can’t abandon those cheeks I said to myself so I pause and spin you around and you pout….without any warning you feel the full force of my shaft…you scream out…..black…black…so I stop and there it was neatly folded on the chair. I reach for it tore off the red and you wore it quickly…it had a hole in the right place and I push through it. The black material gripped me as I plough further, the lips were waiting, lubricated and pulsing….I stopped thinking as I drove in as hard as I could, working hard, I drive and drive and you match my rhythm, I never knew you had that in you….but we learn everyday! You warn me not to stop as I fill the inevitable juice flowing….I thought of the bread in that burger to send the juice back…and it worked….I didn’t stop…and drove even harder and faster…you increased the pace and I am now struggling to match you….the punishing hours in the gym gives you the upper hand as you push me down and mount….you ride, like a champion jockey and like a stallion I gallop away not wanting to be left behind…encouraged by my actions you encourage me as you abandon any inhibitions and start vocalising exactly what you wanted……you sink your teeth into my nipple and take a deep bite, now even that bread is not going to stop this juice…..

My hand is now working harder and faster and goooooshhhhhhh….the force of the ejaculation wakes me up and my shorts are completely drenched…. Embarrassed I get up and rush to wash the shorts……..