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2011-11-22 12:17:02 (UTC)


You say you are but I am not, wonder what you are eating….
I know what I would rather eat……….

If I step out for lunch with you I would order burger….yes that is what I would rather eat with you…..

As you slowly munch on your food I begin to look at the details of my food….I see the crust on the bread, not done properly and evenly but will do, the onions and tomato mingle together buried in ketchup on cabbage and squeezed between the flour of the bread….my mind continue to wonder as you enjoy our alfresco on a surprisingly wonderful April day in Central London…….I try but fail to concentrate on your story about your trip to Barcelona…..my mind is racing faster now…and finally I reach my destination…….

This is Lunch big time…….I lay you slowly on your dinning table carefully placing your head on a soft cushion while I lay my lunch, yes the bugger in its full glory served on white China between your half spread legs. I hike up your skirt just enough to see the lightness of your lower thighs but that will do…..one by one I big up bits of the food and place them on you as I please. I like onions but not raw but I feel so raw that I don’t care, I unbutton your white blouse to reveal more white…..moving the white bra strap in one stroke I place the onions on each nipple I hear a small sigh but I ignore that…after all I am so hungry I have to eat…….tomatoes are red and juicy they can only reside in one place. I lose my composure now as I spread the legs further and place the tomatoes inside your panties…this time you moan but again I ignore. The ketchup becomes a lipstick as I use my mouth and tongue to smear your lips with the red stuff. I didn’t like the bread as it wasn’t done properly and just in time I remembered the salad. It is good for you they say and right now I need all my energy……I slowly mount the table thinking of all the delicious places I have to eat from……and thumb!!! I felt a sharp pain on my leg……that was you kicking me under the table complaining that I wasn’t listening to you and that my food was getting cold……I apologised and you started talking about the merits of booking a hotel and flight early while I pick up my burger and took a bite…..the bread was not done properly………