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2011-11-22 12:14:51 (UTC)

Personal Trainer

If I were your Personal Trainer

If I were your personal trainer I will rush to the gym and warm myself up before you get there……I mean exercise my muscles and get all the blood flowing in the right places…..Once I am hot and steamed up I will eagerly wait for you to walk in…..

If I were you personal trainer I would hope you will come to the gym in your sportiest outfit, not revealing but ravishing….that will get my blood flowing again

Once I spot you I will break into a smile and embrace you closing my eyes making sure I inhale the entire beautiful aroma coming from different pores of your skin.

Then the work starts…..

If I were your personal trainer….I will let you press me up…lying back while you press up on top of me……..gently at first and gently increase the pace….If I were your personal trainer I will encourage you to continue and not give up as you tire.
If I were your personal trainer I would hope for beads of sweat from you drop on me as I try to catch them into my mouth…….as your legs get weaker I lay my hands on the sides of your thighs and push the legs up and down, up and down making sure you don’t stop until we are both exhausted and you drop flat on me……..
If I were your personal trainer I would really enjoy that……

If I were your personal trainer I will then get you to stretch your muscles in positions that will seriously risk me carrying you and attacking you with my tongue….but that may compromise my profession…so I will banish that though as I make you touch you toes while I watch you from the back and then quietly encourage you to hold your toes while you stretch your hamstring muscles by coming behind you and holding your hands in that position. You will probably feel that there are some muscles of mine that are stretching as well……..

Not satisfied….if I were your persona trainer I will then lay you on your back while I work your calf and leg muscles, folding then by your knees. I don’t know if you will tell me to stop or not stop but if you tell me not to stop I will push the legs harder and harder watching and listening to you while I match the rhythm of your muscles……..

GGGrrring…..the bell goes as I was just about to collapse on top of you, I restrain myself as I look up at the clock above your exhausted face and get up. You book the next session for the week after and I promised to work on the upper part of your body…..

I wish I was your personal trainer……