Tell me something sweet to get me by.
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2011-11-20 23:37:03 (UTC)

Teenage complaints. -.-"

I need to express my confused, happy and sad feelings right now.

So today I went for coffee with the boy I like. It went well. I actually thought he liked me for a second. I sure as hell was wrong.

I know we'll never be more than friends, but I can dream - can't I?

I just want a hand to hold on to. A body to hug & to keep me warm. A face to look forward to. A soul I can call mine. A heart I can have.

"I really liked someone and I thought she liked me back but I guess she doesn't so I'm in a shitty mood."

'Yeah, I know how that feels. It's the situation that I'm currently in with you.'

Hopeless Romantic? Nope, just hopeless..



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