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2011-11-16 08:19:47 (UTC)

Read the invisible manual

Trying to put down in words what is on my mind can turn into a complete cluster fuck. My mind tends to think in simple complex circles of nonsense. I find pride in not thinking like the majority, my brain keeps me entertained to an extent. Now riddle me this, Why do we all find that it is a top priority to find someone to marry? People spend their entire youth dating, and wanting to find someone to be with the rest of their lives. I believe this time should be used to find yourself. There is plenty of time to run off and get hitched and say your "I do's," and sign your death certificate. Yes, I am being cynical, shoot me. But all within good reason I have these opinions. Society today has lost all sight in what marriage use to be, and what it should be. You should not go looking for love. So it falls in your lap? Yes, take it...run with it. See where the rainbow takes you. Either there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow or just a fat, hairy leprechan, you never know. Just a confusing mess of, break ups, and make ups, and fuck ups, and fake ups. Most people do not understand that you have to find who you are, and be content with that, before you can ever be with anyone. It's like putting together a play ground, and only half assing it. Few screws and parts are missing, but it looks decent right? You can't invite someone over to play on it, why? Cause the bitch is gonna fall down and break. It's going to hurt you and the person trying it out. Common sense. Can't invite someone in to share your heart, when not even you yourself knows how it works yet. It's a recipe for disaster. Read the invisible manual that no one gave you, this is all on pages 8-23.

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