A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
2011-11-15 23:32:34 (UTC)

Good Bonding

Pretty good day bonding with my work partner. We talked about my relationship with my sister and his with his wife. He also brought me a birthday gift (socks, belt and perfume).I was able to again do all of my 5Goals but I notice that I spend to much time looking at athiest videos online and will have to curve that. From now on I will try to only watch them on weeekends.

Also I will tomorrow begin a longevity list of things that I wannna do everyday. This will be in addition to my 5Goals and can be done after those (5Goals) are accomplished first.

This was my first day at 40 working with my co-worker and because of the bonding it went fairly well. I will just try to ask more question of him in the future so that we can still bond while I maintain my discipline and focus on my goals.

KGS (14613)

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