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2011-11-15 12:11:38 (UTC)

Failure Clubs

I'm not bragging or anything, but i am 10x more creative than a LOT of people. I made paper shoes, fake robots, posters, and CLUBS. But.... every time i make a club, it get flushed down the drain at the first meeting, even at the Ranger Club. After going to the Grand Canyon National Park there were so many rangers i had a fantastic idea. Ranger Club. Of course i made a webpage for it, and badges, and documents, and bought a few books, and e-mailed Hayleigh and Kara to join. (Hey, hey, what do you know?" I get creative!)
So this club was working, Kara was the enthusiastic one, and of course hayleigh thinks it sorta boring and just wants to go outside and jump on my trampoline. That is my best friend, she is kinda the one who shoots down my clubs... So, we are going to do two things in the springtime: a craft sale, and visit the animal shelter and help out and kara will interview the worker there. Maybe if we do those things it might make hayleigh try a little harder in being enthusiastic. Is excacally what i thought would happen....I wanted to do those things so badly, but by the fifth meeting hayleigh was as per usual interrupting and wanting a snack or trampoline time when I finally snapped. I said: Ya know what hayleigh, forget it! You obviously don't like ranger club, the club I have worked hard on for 5 months. I did research, membership booklets, badges, activities, websites, and I even made a pledge. I worked so hard and you and most of the other members would forget the booklets at home and you would only come over to PLAY ON MY TRAMPOLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks alot!!!!! What a friend you are!!! Go ahead, walk outside and jump on that freakin trampoline and enJOY yourself while I stay here and cancell the hikes, field trips, shred all of the patches, badges, booklets, certificates, and agendas in a paper shredder, I'll have to go online and delete my WEBSITE, documents and newsletters I worked on! THANKS A LOT, and have fun on that TRAMPOLINE!!!!!

But... of course I didn't say THAT, she's my friend after all... I just thought that in my head.... this is what i really said:
Hayleigh, YES.... you can jump on the trampoline isha, YES you can go get a snack... Kara, im sorry no more ranger club. I packed my stuff and walked away and threw it in the trash.

:-( :-( :-(
hard life, huh???