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2011-11-14 23:02:14 (UTC)

Finally some good Karma!!

Well, I wondered when if ever something good was ever coming my way. It finally did. I interviewed for a higher position with another Engineering group I work closely with and sat down with the Sup. He's also a good friend of mine. I'm not to tell anyone yet but he did tell me that I got the job!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Finallyyy!!!!

It's been so long since anything good has happened to me. I still recall late 2008 when my world started to fall part. My wife was cheating on me. I was losing my home. Filed Ch 7. Found out my son wasn't biologically mine. All that seemed to flashback at me today.

I had hit rock bottom and the following years never got better. The pain and suffering just lingered on. Today, was the first good news I've heard in years. I was told I got the promotion. Still some technical crap I have to wait for and my current boss has to give his input but I think my future new boss aint buying his baloney.

My current boss lies to me. He keeps telling me that he sent in the paperwork to get my promotion in place but it never happened. He did that to me twice. Even now, he is talking shit about me to my future boss but he sees right through it and disregards what my boss is saying.

I have to say that I'm filled with mixed emotions right now. The promotion means more money sure. However, that isn't it. What I feel now is the overwhelming feeling of surviving through all this and the promotion is more of an achievement to tell me that I am worthy of something and that I am regarded as some value. At least at work anyway.

So I cry inside because of what I had to go through. I cry inside because this is the best thing that's happened to me in 3 years which to me is pretty pathetic. I would have valued someone saying to me "thank you for pulling me through some tough times" or "thank you for taking care of me and helping me grow". Instead, it's just me achieving something to boost my moral.

I realize in the scope of things in life that this means very little. Yet, this is all I have to show for. Just lucky to have survived these few years mentally. I'm still walking and talking so I guess I"m ok.

BTW, the money isn't bad too. I get 81K a year right now and this promotion gives me a 5% increase with 5% more every year for a couple of years before I top out. If that doesn't give me a semi, nothing will. lol

I can't tell anyone yet because my new Supervisor still has to go through the paperwork and let the others that didn't make it know too. I beat out some top guys. One was already in the pay grade and just wanted to lateral to this group too because our current Sup is an ass.

I can't even post on facebook because I have friends on there from work and it would spread. I have to post here and just enjoy my little ray of sunshine in my bleak world.

So I'll be smiling for awhile. I'm sure I'll throw an after work party for my fellow friends and workers that helped me along the way after I get my next paycheck.

If still feels good that someone believes in me. I won't let him down and I won't let me down.

Till next time diary. Hopefully more good news.

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