Tell me something sweet to get me by.
2011-11-14 20:42:42 (UTC)

I need a cuddle buddy.

Diary, hey, I need you to listen to my love problems because I'm confused .

SO. I have likes for two guys, as you saw in my last post. Today, the one guy hugged me, touched my face, told me my face was amazing, stood up for me, almost beat up someone for me and smiled at me a million times.

I'm starting to like him a lot, and I know he'll probably never like me because I'm an unattractive freak who's a total loser.

The other guy, he lives 7 hours away and I'll probably never get to see him.

Either way I'm still going to be single for a long time because everyone sucks.

Oh hey, it snowed for the first time this year today. I hate snow. The only good thing about snowy weather is if you have a cuddle buddy - which I don't.

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