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2011-11-15 01:02:58 (UTC)

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I currently have all As, but i'm starting to slip into the 90% hole. That hole is soooooo deep, most don't make it out. Like my brother. He got 90 after 90 on his L.A. grades, soon he got a C in the class in 7th grade, and it's been like that since. (he is in 8th grade now)
I do NOT want to end up like him.

Anyways, my whole family is sick because of me, and i'm still sick myself. There is something going around. But i was so sick my brother and i didn't have to go to swim team today. But i DON"T care! I hate swim team more than anything in my life. I'm trying to convince dad to let me do gymnastics instead. He's getting convinced, but if i do gymnastics one day of the week, then i still have two day left i still have to swim. Man... life SUCKS sometimes. Especially when your parents make you do something you just don't want to do!

I should let you know something cool(in my eyes) so that if i talk about it later you won't be in SHOCK:
I have a pet rat!
They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Best pet ever! They are as smart as dogs! you can literally teach them tricks! If you don't belive me go on youtube right now and search rat tricks. YOU"LL SEE!

Well its "Family Time" which is wen all home work is done and everything is cleaned up we just sit down and watch shows my dad records.

So long!

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