Maukan teksti
2011-11-13 02:41:56 (UTC)

Manga and skyrim installing.

Hmmh I think I spent most of yesterday and today picking some interesting manga to read in addition to reading some(mainly Oresama teacher even though it's pretty bad except for the humour).

Played a bit of Skyrim but as I thought it runs kind of badly on my laptop so I guess I should bother my brother to install it on his new computer.

Also I was invited to go to some event next weekend, so I guess I'll need to get some money(well she said just hanging outside would be fine too). My dad might give some but I could also take some from my saving account.
Now that I think of it it's been around 4 weeks since I've been outside. After returning from Helsinki I just haven't gotten around to doing that much but I don't really mind anyway since I've been feeling pretty good and done some stuff like play some games properly that I haven't done in quite a while.

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