A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
2011-11-11 23:38:22 (UTC)



This entry is to formally acknowledge that effective Saturday November 12th, 2011, (14610); I will be changing my whole life forward from this day on. On this day I will turn 40 YEARS OLD.
I have made several contracts with myself before, (for 2 years, 180 days and 90 days), concerning turning 40 YEARS, and broken each and every one of them. This will be my final contract on becoming 40.
This contract will terminate on November 11th, 2041, (14,975)
I will get into the best shape of my life working out, I will eat the right foods and not eat anymore sweets, I will not drink any more sweet drinks or soda but will only drink water or if I must diet stuff, I will take care of my skin and looks, I will control my sex drive, I will try and get a better job and control my finance, I will clean up my apartment and get ready to move out of my studio, I will buy a car and I will finally try and become the best person I can be in every way, shape and form including: physically, emotionally, financially and inter-personally

I will also get prepared to retake INSPECTOR - CONSTR MGT APTITUDE test again and this time passes it!!

**Ultimately my predicted dated of death is in 30 years, at Nov, 12th, 2041 (25,568)
I have, as of this contract, 10,593 days to death at 70 years old

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