Davids Diary
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2011-11-11 15:51:52 (UTC)

Pushing the two month mark

Will here it is pushing to two month mark and surprise surprise no dates. Looks at myself then ask myself did you expect any thing different. Answer NO. Some people might think I not been around long enough to know what woman want but I have been. Woman outnumber up men three to one so there for woman can pick and chose who they wish to be with and even if they want to be with someone. 90% of all woman out there who say they are dating are not they are just scamming or toying with who ever most just want one time things or free drinks or something else. Those few who are really looking for someone want someone who is sure of them selfs and reasonably well off (big house with big yard and the white fence) enough that they know there future is taken care of(thats not me by a long shot). Woman out there do not want trailer park wrong side of the tracks trash.
One thing I have always hated about woman who date is that they have the strange power to look at a photo of a man and with one look know everything about them. I can tell what people who look at my photo think and its what is above they want nothing to do with this OLD man. Of course I didn't really expect any thing different. I do not socialize very will. I just have never liked going out. So I fully know that my on line dating I am trying is never going to work. I could be the last man on this planet and I would still never get a date.
I truly believe that some people where put on this planet to never procreate (never have children) never be married never have sex to always be lonely and never truly fulfilled. The more time passes the more I sure I am one of those people.
Guess I always knew it to deep down my uncle Travis was just like this he never found his one never wanted to he was totally happy the way his life turned out. Sorry uncle I just wanted more then you wanted but even it seems I want get what I want where you got exactly what you wanted. Signing off for now
A very lonely Master.

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