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2011-11-11 15:58:03 (UTC)

what have i done now

So the next day he looks a me and says i am gonna dump Katey, i was so happy .................... for me but not for Katey.i still wonder if it was what i said, he will not tell me, so anyway we get to class we are doing a project and he looked at Katy said don't be sad but i don't love you im sorry your too mean and ditzy, wow, shocked again but this time it didn't break my heart, so then a couple days later it was Monday Katey finally gets over it and we were in gym it was 12 27 on Halloween and he said you haven't answered my question and i had no clue what he was talking about so i said what question he said do you want to go get ice cream with me and we can date, i said yes before i knew what i was getting myself into but i did it anyway, it was so much fun that day we went trick or treating together with Hannah and Colby it was so much fun i was wearing heals and i spanned my ankle and he helped me get back to Hannah house and he got me ice and it was embarrassing but he didn't laugh or anything, and the next day i was in crutches and he helped me around but that is now history today i have his cell phone number and he is texting me all the time, never better