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2011-11-11 15:38:07 (UTC)


So Camden my love asked girl named Katy to go with pizza with her, i was shocked an i was sad, so they got pizza, while i wonder what i did wrong, and i sit next to him in all my classes and only talked to him when he started the conversation and i didn't laugh or anything i just thought about how they were dating and i think about anything but that my friend Haely saw me and she new i wasn't mad i was just really sad. He kept asking my friends and i if i was mad but we all said no then one of my friends got annoyed and blurted it really loud he said she is not mad just as sad as possible. so when we got in class he told me to stop being a baby and i said well i would rather be a baby then a guy who says they like a girl and tell all of his friends that he is gonna ask her out to get pizza and then ask some really ditzy pretty boob but no brain girl. and i walked out into the girls bathroom and tried so hard not to cry but it didn't work i cried so much that i missed the last period of the day, and got in so much trouble at home.
i didn't know what to do.

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