everyday encounter
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2011-11-10 15:01:46 (UTC)


papa god.im so sorry kxe i made a mistake na nman, although i know that it was not right,ginwa ko p rin.i cant help it.
but i wont make any promises to you, i just gonna do it na lng.
Papa god, you know why i'd love to call you "papa" god?because every time i called you in that way, i feel like im always be your baby^_^ and because of that i feel like you love me that much:)
Papa god i made this online diary.because i had lot of things want to tel you:(.i hope na mabasa mo po ito:)
Papa god you know po how important my friends to me (ailen,lourdes,coritha,candy), papa god they are the only people including my family that stayed on my side even in my hardest path of life.in my painful moment.they are the people that i can lend on:(.and i dont want to lose one of them just because of the money:(..papa god is it okay if ask you some money?just to payback my debt on my friend named ailen, because i know that she's mad at me na:(please papa god? and also..is it to much if i ask you some part time job?or a job that have a high salary than this?im not mareklamo po papa god.i just want to lend some money to my family for our daily expenses.sana mag ka work na rin po si ate.papa god i know that you'd still remember what im praying for..na sana si Arvin James Mateo De Guzman ay bumalik na sa amin ni baby ko.papa god.wag po sana kayong maiinis sken sa dami ng hinihiling ko po at sa kakulitan ko.papa god you know how much i love my family so please po.sana maibigay ko sa knila ang buhay n hindi na nila kailangang mamoblema kung papaano ang bukas...:(i begging you lord:(thank you so much for all the blessing and for the LOVE that you had given to me, to us..♥♥♥

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