Starving Fat Colorless Rainbows
2011-11-08 02:44:13 (UTC)

Success!!! :D

Just a few minutes ago I had the power to resist my dinner even though my tummy was growling!!! I'm starting to like the feeling of my stomach growling because I can resist really tasty food when I'm that hungry. I know you think it's supposed be the opposite, but for me , it's not. (Keep in mind this only happens when my anxiety doesn't kick in) Anyways, On my plate was a few peaces of spinach & lettuce, 2 thin strips of salmon as small as my fist, & 1 boiled plantain. All I ate was my salad, 1 strip of salmon, & 1/3 of my plantain. Once I saw my stomach was filling up I stopped eating (I need my tummy to get accustomed to only consuming less than it needs so I can lower my calorie intake limit). I just finished drinking 2 glasses of water. I FEEL AwSoMe!!!!!

As long as I keep up my diet, I'll be skinny for when I go to Dominican Republic in February!
My goal: 120 lbs or less
My NEW Calorie Intake Limit: 450-500 calories
Mood: Improved!!!

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