Starving Fat Colorless Rainbows
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2011-11-07 03:45:23 (UTC)

Im The Fattest Chick Wherever I Go!!!

-I was the fattest girl in church today. Every girl that passed by me was skinny and surrounded by hot guys. (I tucked my stomach in so hard that my tummy was hurting)

-Every show/commercial/movie on T.V has skinny hipster chicks (why can't I look that perfect):

-When I went Ice skating today all the girls were thin and pretty!

-In Walmart the only fat girl was me and that one pregnant lady!

-On Facebook I saw how all my friends look skinny in their pics and I'm so huge in mine

I saw my reflection in the mirror and cried in pain. My hideosity disgust me to where it makes tears of shame slowly fall down my cheeks. Mirrors are my worst enemy >:/ They search for as many flaws as they can find in me. They always find 1 too many.

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