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2011-11-07 03:39:42 (UTC)

reflections- the glass is the pool and the portal is still open

giving credit where credit is due. to you all for the roles you've played .. many roles have been played.
to put the pieces into perspective now , funny .. but time makes clear the fog

boy number 1. you've kept love truth and beauty . with unconditional devotion..
you were the first to love me from 12 to 20 plus plus plus... and always i feel your love , thank u, your beautiful in ways that can be forgotten, open and freely you display yourself and affections thank you, im grateful for u. and sorry for where i failed u and me and sorry it took forever it seems to "grow up" enough for us .if this words never make it from me to u. i hope u just know i know u could see-through . i see that now .thank cant be said enough because i never had to me anything for u or me and i know u just always knew. funny and sad time didn't agree. your soul mate number one and your twins r with me now.
Life the best, keep loving the best and sorry its not me , it cant be, dont let a girl break your spirits (high-spirited) remain . DONT JADE u r a gem but not a jade. as short though many time was it felt connected and deceived me (graciously).

boy number 2. u opened a native girl to a dark realty that snuffed the dark fantasy . u fed off the insecurities crawling under me . u vampire d me. thanks for nothing but awake up i need (would of liked u a different way to be woken . im stronger now and stronger then you but you were never strong to begin with . thank u for admitting im a better person then you and i person like me should NEVER be with a soul like your carrying around. thank. I AGREE!!! glad i got out . your realty causes me to vomit and shake.... the world is too beautiful to focus or your sicknesses. THANK U is what you want to say. i helped you and made you the cool kid in town. what a laugh coming from my history since childhood began. hahhahahaahhahaha.
i know your happy now that your cool. when will you leave the girls alone . have you collected enough innocents to be hungry no more.. NO! DOUBT IT. my innocence was my blinders. and the signs were in NEON! bright as the cheese-steaks and the fake cheese glow of poison. thats u poison. another evil brightly lite up and ready to swallow u good soul. like vegas , empty with empty promises and trickery. its funny now but still scary how my sub-conscious cant wash u away. i will stay haunted but aware of this. ha, ok. the jokes on me even after i won but you'd be too scared to love me now. truth is never too hidden your clown-show gets figured out sometimes

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