My China Memories
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2011-11-07 01:57:04 (UTC)

I can remember

I remembered that is wonderful as soon as flickers
Appeared you in mine front,
Some like appears briefly fantasy,
Has like the chaste America's angel.
In that hopeless sad suffering,
Makes noise in that in ostentatious life puzzle,
Nearby my ear for a long time is making a sound your gentle sound,
I also see your lovable beautiful figure in the sleep.
Many years have passed by, storm smile
Has scattered the former days dream,
Thereupon I have put behind your gentle sound,
Also has your that angel resembles the beautiful figure.
In the remote place, in the gloomy life which imprisons,
My day such calmly dissipates,
The insincere person, does not have the poem the inspiration,
Without the tear, does not have the life, also does not have the love.
Now the mind starts to regain consciousness:
By now has reappeared in front of me you,
Has illusory image which like appears briefly,
Has like the chaste America's angel.
My heart in is wild with joy jumps,
In heart all regain consciousness,
Had the sincere person, had the poem inspiration,
Had the life, had the tear, also had the love.

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