Just My Luck...
2011-11-05 22:29:41 (UTC)


Alright I have to make this entry fast. My friend, B, found out that I cut myself but she's surprisingly ok with is and now 2 of my friends know. Second of all, the sweet guy I been talking about, M, has been even nicer to me and then also he might ask me out on Mon. Now for my 2 thoughts of the week that I wanted to post.

I always thought I would be popular when I got older. Like, wearing Aeropostal and stuff like that, having everyone like me or be afraid of me. Now that I'm an emo outcast, surprisingly, I'm ok with it, because I may express myself in a different way and the preppys may hate me, but I have TONS of friends and a TON of guys like me right now.

I'm different then most emo's:
I only cut in one place, my left wrist.
I don't cut that deep, but it does drip down my wrist.
I cry while doing it, while most do it not to cry.
I'm scared to do it but I do anyways.
I put hand sanitizer on afterwards(hurts like HELL)
My parents know but they also know that I don't want help.

That's basically all for now... BYE.