2011-11-05 00:10:05 (UTC)


I'm falling for Salvador Sandoval so badly. But I love him a lot and I don't want to ruin anything with him or me. And Joel gave me some good advice on being myself and it was pretty awesome of him. We don't talk but he inspires me. As usual.

Well, anyway, Victor and I are getting a lot closer since Andrew's lie. lol I got a text from him from a dirty poem I sent him so I called him a dirty mexican midget. wey. lol He's straight up Hispanic you could so tell. He's not involved in any white things...even in Sabor Latino. It sucks that Sabor Latino is disbanding actually.

Maybe I should rejoin? lol. well, if they hold reauditions, i doubt they will.

cristian doesn't deserve this sadness.