Starving Fat Colorless Rainbows
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2011-11-05 05:47:43 (UTC)

My Disgusting Image

Every time I look at the mirror all I see is a walking glob of fat and hideosity just standing there, with this weird look on her face. I saw how she was angry at herself and sad that her body is so ugly. She told me that sometimes she felt like punching her mirror hoping that image would go away, but she knew it wouldn't. That's why I try not looking in the mirror in the morning. It hurts me to stand there and carefully observe all my flaws. And the hardest part is realizing how every other girl is skinnier than me. It darkens my day. Luckily, this only motivates me to lose weight.

Incase you are wondering, my weight/height is 145 lb. and 5"3. I consider myself obese. That's why few weeks ago I decided to cut back on food. Just a little bit. I mean 500-600 calories a day isn't that bad. I kind of find 600 calories a lot of food but I'll reduce my calorie intake after my body gets used to eating less food. I'll stop dieting when my body appears perfect.

I also recently began walking from school to my house. My school is almost 1.5 miles away from my house but as long as I have plenty of water, I'll be perfectly fine. This way I do exercise too. I'll be skinnier in no time :)

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